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February 25, 2014

Rescue effort currently in-progress to take in large number of Schipperkes in Pennsylvania.

Foster homes and foster-to-adopt homes needed. If you are open to foster or interested in fostering-to-adopt, please e-mail Susan Fogleman

Click HERE for more information


Donations are urgently needed to provide medical care and transport for these dogs.

Check and money order donations can be sent to:
W. Heney, SRN
154 Meagans Run Rd
Woodstock, VA 22664

Princeton, NJ area - February 2014
Schipperke dog named "Dom" recently relocated to Princeton NJ. Dom was lost on the western section of Princeton near Bullock Drive.

Please call 908 800 3456 with any information. Thank you.


Meet Darcy!


Darcy is about 13 years old and is now in foster care with an SRN volunteer. In February 2014,  Darcy was saved from sure death when she was abandoned on a country road in North Carolina. Coyotes were trailing her and ready to attack when a nice lady scared them off and brought Darcy to safety. You can help Darcy and other special neds Schipperkes by donating to

About (SRN) provides assistance to displaced/distressed Schipperkes in the US. We provide medical and foster care for the dogs, in addition to providing assistance to owners in procuring food and essential care for their dogs.

SRN has Schipperkes available for adoption with listings on Facebook and We have a number of special-needs dogs in foster care for whom we need donations to help cover the cost of their medical care.

Visit SRN on FaceBook and share the conversation   


The downturn in the economy has hit many of us quite hard.  As a result, SRN is receiving more and more requests to surrender Schips, many of them seniors who will be difficult to place. SRN has an innovative new solution, but  your help is needed. Please click
HERE to find out more about our Feed-a-Friend program.

bullet If you are looking for a rescued Schipperke to adopt and love, you will find Schipperke rescue people here to contact who have or know about available Schips.  Eligible dogs come into rescue all the time. Thus many of our contacts can best serve you by talking with you now, and then waiting to find just the right Schip for you and your family.
bullet You can find out all about our adoption process and download Adoption Application forms and see our Home Check form, which may be required.  You can also see a sample of the Adoption Contract you will sign.

bullet If you, sadly, must give up your dog, you will find an alternative to shelters and pounds where you can rest easy that your beloved animal will surely find a great home and will be loved and cared for until they do.  

bullet You will find out what those of us in Schipperke Rescue actually do, the various ways adoptions take place, what happens during foster care, what adoption fees cover, and a lot more information.  There's even a feedback form so you can ask questions.
bullet And, of course, help is always welcome, whether you wish to sponsor a Schip in foster care, help with transportation from one part of the country to another, or even provide a loving foster home for a Schipperke rescue, you can find out what to do to get started by clicking on "How You Can Help" on the left-hand side of the screen.


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