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Clearly, there is no need to tell you WHAT we do.  But the pages here will tell you HOW we do it, HOW we help you give up, adopt, and/or help Schipperkes who need homes and those who are otherwise in need.




So, as you browse these pages, be sure to take a look at these babies.  Laugh, cry, smile, and enjoy knowing that these are just a few of those who have brightened the lives of the Rescuers who work with SchipperkeRescue.Net, Inc. (SRN).


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See those cute buttons at the top of each page? Well, they are your easy gateway to providing needed medical care, food, and other help to every Schipperke that comes into Rescue. Did you know, for instance, that the very first thing that happens to every Schip that is taken in by SRN is a visit to the veterinarian? It turns out that the vast majority haven't seen a vet in the previous two or more years and some, not since they were first adopted. And at least half also require a spay or neuter. Been to the vet lately? That should tell you that adoption fees rarely cover the cost of even the healthiest dog SRN welcomes. And, then, there are the seniors and those with long-term special needs. Unlike many rescues, SRN continues to provide permanent foster homes and medical care to those gentle souls for the rest of their lives - as long as quality of life can be maintained. So you see why we always need your help and welcome any donation, no matter the size. And through Network For Good, you can even make small donations on a monthly or other regular basis rather than a single large(r) donation which might be hard on the pocket book. Just remember, SRN is there for any purebred Schip in need - All Thanks to Your Generosity!

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Toys, Treats and more items, PLUS low cost shipping for you and your fur baby, equals a donation to the medical funds of,Inc (SRN).  A generous 20% of your total will be mailed to SRN on a monthly basis.


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