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Available Rescued Schipperkes


SchipperkeRescue.Net lists brief summaries and photos of the Schipperkes that are currently available through our rescue program. SRN places our dogs in verified foster homes where the dog receives all required medical care, updating of vaccinations, proper diet and exercise, and socialization and training. SRN works directly with the foster care provider to monitor the progress of the dog and to determine when the dog is ready for placement in a permanent home. SRN does not accept dogs into our foster care program if they have a history of biting or develop behavior issues during foster care.


From time to time, SRN provides courtesy listing for Schipperkes that are with their original owners or in some other home that is not one of our verified foster homes. Such listings are noted as "COURTESY LISTING". If you are interested in learning more about one of these dogs, you should contact the foster care provider and seek as much information as possible. SRN does some pre-screening of these dogs, however, SRN assumes no responsibility for health or behavior issues for "courtesy listing" dogs. Adoption of any "courtesy listing" dog is between the owner and the adopting party, and any claims regarding health and/or behavior are the responsibility of the owner.


The Schipperkes list below are just some of the dogs for whom SRN is currently seeking homes. Please also check our Facebook page for information about other dogs that may be available for adoption to good homes. If you are not a Facebook user, please contact Susan Fogleman, our Rescue Coordinator, to find out about a Schipperke that might be the right match for you and your family.



Because we have so few available purebred Schips who are available, we have created a special page of courtesy listings of Schip mixes.  If you are willing to consider giving a home to a part Schip (born on the wrong side of the blanket, so to speak 😉), please feel free to check out these Special Schipperke Mixes.



In the meantime, be sure to fill out an Adoption Application and send it as indicated on the

How to Adopt a Rescued Schip page.  All instructions are there, and the application will be required in order to be approved as an adoptive home.




Remsenburg, NY

My name is Rocco,  I am 14 years old and I need someone to open a door and invite me to stay forever.


My current family has been through some changes.  Some of the humans have left off to college and the remaining humans work very long hours leaving alone.  I get scared alone for that long and then I have accidents due to stress.

I had a buddy, but my buddy passed away.  When my buddy was here, I was fine.  Now I am afraid everyone is going to be taken away so I sort of started a bad habit of trying to protect my territory and I might growl or nip at strangers.  I'm just so confused.


I need a soft loving home that will have someone there most of the time.  Maybe one female four legged friend, if she is nice.  I have recently decided that four legged males are not my favorite.


Due to my age, I can't transport more than a day's ride.  I am available from MD to NY regions.


Please contact  if you have an open door.


NEW!  August 4, 2016


Orlando, FL Region

Tootsie is thought to be around 10 years of age. She is a sweet girl, who will dig. Although not good walking on a leash, she will go out and potty on a leash due to her digging and fear she might dig her way out. Tootsie is an entertaining little girl who grumbles her way through meals and loves her toy attack time after filling her belly.


Tootsie is up to date on her vaccinations, spayed and has had a complete dental with extractions of any bad teeth. She is healthy for her age and ready for a home to call her own.


Tootsie is available for adoption in the Orlando, FL region.

If interested, please email


Please be sure you have an Adoption Application on file OR fill out and submit your Application HERE.




This young lady we're calling LEGS.

(We think you can see why!)

Legs is a 5-6 month old pup weighing in about 11 lbs.  She is a love bug but not quite ready to go.

She has just been moved to her foster home in New Jersey where she will get full vetting and a bit of socializing.  And, yes, you are seeing a tail, but a somewhat long and skinny one.

The other mix is Legs' mom.  She, too, is tall and leggy, but at the moment is somewhat traumatized and not yet ready to be rehomed.  Hopefully, once vetted and evaluated in her New Jersey foster home, she will make a lovely companion.  Pictures will be posted when she is ready

If you think you might be interested in either mom or Legs and already have an adoption application in with our Rescue Coordinator, use the Contact Us form to let her know.


If you don't already have an Adoption Application on file (fill out another one if your not sure) get one HERE, fill it out and indicate you interest.

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