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Each of these dogs have a special need that may affect their ability to be adopted.  As you know, if you have read a little about us, SRN will provide the best veterinary care we can afford for each dog.  However, some dogs require extraordinary care for such things as heartworm disease, necessary surgery, special medications, etc.


 Other special needs may be such things as age, individual behavioral issues or a lack of human or other dog socialization.  This is especially common when SRN takes in rescues from puppy mills or animal hoarding cases, etc.  These dogs usually need long-term foster care, which can involve training and/or behavior modification in addition to any extra medical care.


 In both cases, there is no way SRN can recoup expenses with a reasonable adoption fee.  That leaves us with a choice - not accepting the dog or getting additional help from you to cover these costs so that any dog with a potential of quality of life can be cared for.


 In some cases these dogs need adopters with extra patience; in others, adopters willing to take on long-term issues.


 Below you will see those dogs SchipperkeRescue.Net, Inc. currently has in this category and their stories.  If you think you are one of those very special people who are willing to adopt one of these dogs, be a long-term foster home, or even just help sponsor the care of a particular dog, please click on the Heart button and be sure to indicate which dog in the "Instructions to Seller" box at checkout.


 Your generosity of spirit will help us take care of all the dogs that need us.

Or, as always, you may send your check made payable to SRN to:


Mr. William Heney


SchipperkeRescue.Net, Inc.

154 Meagans Run Road

Woodstock, VA  22664





My name is Bubba!


I cam from a Washington State shelter, where I was listed as a stray.

I am estimated to be 13+ years of age.  I'm a nice big boy at 20 lbs.  Someone gave me a bad haircut, so I look a little funny!

I see some and hear less, but my nose works great, and I can find my food bowl, which is all that matters.


The doctor says I have some damaged discs and more is being looked at about that.  My blood work is pretty good for an old boy, but my longs look a littly iffy.  Not sure why just yet.  I have thickened intestinal walls so my foods will have to be catered to a sensitive tummy.


I am enjoying the company of foster brothers and sisters, but I don't really know how to play.


Since I am now under the medical care and support of SRN, it would be really great if you could help me in my journey to a happy, healthy retirement with a

tax deductible donation to

SchipperkeRescue.Net, Inc.!


Just click on the pink heart button at the top of the page and be sure to put "Bubba" in the "Note to seller" box, or just send a check to Mr. Heney.  His address is right above.


I would be really, really grateful!


Thank you!






4/21/17 update

It has been a while since we have done an update on Shadoe. Most of Shadoes blood work values are continuing to improve, however we have been unable to regulate his glucose levels.


Subsequent ultrasounds and evaluations of his case by both his primary veterinarian as well as veterinarians from the University of Florida are leading us to believe that Shadow may have a glucagon secreting tumor on his pancreas.  He will begin to receive 3-4 amino acid infusions every ~10 days. He will also need a glucagon plasma serum test to get a confirmed diagnosis.


Throughout all of this Shadoe has remained a vibrant joyous dog!


As all of you know treatment like this costs $ and without donations Shadoe would be unable to receive continued support.


Won't you please consider donating so that SRN can continue to provide the very best care for this happy guy?



UPDATE:  2/21/2017




East Tennessee

APPLICATIONS BEING ACCEPTED FOR DARCY - WIll be ready for adoption by Feb 1, 2017


UPDATE  1/19/2017  Darcy did well during her dental surgery.  She had 12 extractions, and her bill will $990.25.  Darcy is back in her foster home recovering from her surgery.


UPDATE 1/17/2017 Darcy is going in tomorrow to have her mouth taken care of. Estimate is just over $1,000.00 if anyone would like to help support Darcy on her path to a new life.


A word from her foster mom - Darcy will be a welcome addition to any place she goes. She really is a perfect pet. Sweet, obedient (?), happy, good, plays, barks if someone comes in, but then is happy to see them, and is totally entertaining. She plays with her toys either alone, or is happy to invite someone to play with her. She's a very VERY people oriented little girl. And there is no way she acts her age. She's spry and lively.


Coming to SRN - East Tennessee.


UPDATE 12/30/2016 Darcy has been to the vet and has typical mild clouding her eyes dues to age (no eye sight issues). Her eyes, ears and heart are normal, in fact she came out good for an older little girl.

Darcy is underweight and does have severe dental disease with need of some extractions. Per vet request, we are waiting on her dental until she gains some much needed weight. Currently, Darcy is under 11 pounds.

Once she gains sufficient weight, she will have her dental procedure done and then hopefully be ready for adoption.



INTAKE  11/23/2016  Darcy is a tiny little 10 year old female schipperke She was an owner surrender from an elderly person that could no longer take care of her. She was in the shelter from 11/23 to present with another family dog, waiting for adoption.

These are notes from the shelter about Darcy - She seems very active for a senior and really would like to go home. So far she was unfazed by cats or other dogs. She would make a great companion for an active senior. Darcy is the needy type that always wants to be in your lap, but she is very alert and wants to know and see everything going on around her. Has a raspy little bark which she doesn't use that much here, she is not your typical yappy small dog. Loves to go on walks, and loves soft treats.

Intake 11 / 23

The shelter was unable to place Darcy and her friend together. Since her friend has an adopter, they have asked SRN to take her.


UPDATE: 2/23/2017

Please Help Us!

This is a special request for medical support.

Foxy - VA

UPDATE:  Biopsy reports are back on Foxy.  Her mammary tumor was a grade 1 Malignant Carcinoma removed with clean margins.

Her eyelid tumor was a grad 1 Melanoma with a cauterized clean margin


Despite the bad news of cancer in both tumors, the good news is both tumors were caught at the earliest stages and removed with clean margins.

Due to the clean removal of both tumors, we feel it best to continue addressing Foxy’s heart-worn disease.

Foxy will see her doctor on Feb 27th for final approval of heart-worm treatment.

Foxy is 10 years old and resting well in her foster home. She is a sweet girl that loves attention.

Foxy has some medical issues.

X-rays show past fractures, displaced femur due to trauma, arthritis in both elbows and both knees, she also has heart worm disease, mammary tumor, intact (past breeder), chronic dry eyes (medication required for rest of life), major periodontal disease with need of extractions and one metal pin pushing into soft tissue from a past knee surgery (Pin has exited the bone completely) and severe malnutrition causing muscle loss on her head.

Foxy's basic diagnostic care has exceeded $600.00

She is going to need extensive medical care to provide her a quality of life worth living.


 If you would like to help us help Foxy, please remember your donations are 100% tax deductible.


Truffle & Shadow

This is a bonded pair and in time we hope to offer them as a pair for adoption. For now, if you would like to help us help this precious pair, please consider a tax deductible donation for their medical care.

Meet Truffle and Shadow. Shadow (Yellow) and Truffle (Black) are 7 years and 9 years of age. Both will need extended time in rescue for medical recovery and treatment for poor liver values, low thyroid, epilepsy, dental disease, internal parasites, flea infestation with skin infection and upset digestive systems.


MEDICAL UPDATE:  12/09/2016

Truffle scans show grossly enlarged liver, gallbladder engorged with bile sludge and agitated pancreas.

Truffle will be in long term medical care. We do have a good chance to help the liver and gallbladder heal. The damage


Location TBA - Adoption status: Not yet available due to ongoing medical

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