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Please Help Us!

We have a special request for medical support.

A senior female Schipperke is in need of serious dental care. She is unable to properly eat due to a broken tooth and needs help. Her owner is limited due to disability.

Attached is an estimate for proper dental care and health/blood screening. If you have a few dollars and the heart to share, please help us help this Schipperke girl. We have already paid to start her on medication for pain.

See her treatment plan below.

Just use the pink heart button above to make a donation.  Be sure to put "Dental" instead of the dog's name on the 'Review Donation' screen.


And thank you so very much for helping this sweet senior girl!


Willow - New Hampshire

Willow is 5 years old and weighs about 9 lbs.  She usually has a smile on her face but NEVER for the camera.


Willow was used as a breeder for her first 5 years and is adapting to living in a home fairly quickly. She no longer is scared of grass and is slowly learning good potty habits. She is smart and lively but not hyper.


She has not had any issues getting along with her foster brother's and sister's, but does not play so would do fine as an only dog.


She is not a great eater, right now the only thing she will eat is chicken or cheese and at her size her foster mom is providing her that. She could use a little more weight.


Medical Posting

DIXIE - Tennessee

Dixie is 7.5 year old female.  She is overweight at 25.6 pounds.  She needs to lose at least 6 to 8 of them, like Grizzly with a combination of exercise and a reduced calorie diet.


She had her vet visit on 9/1/2015.  We are waiting on the results of her blood test.  She does have serious dental concerns including missing teeth, loose teeth, moderate gingivitis and heavy calculus.  Once blood results are in, Dixie will be scheduled for a dental cleaning with the expectation of some extractions being needed.


As most of you know, dental procedures like this are quite costly.  If you would like to help Dixie get her obviously needed dental care, please click on the Heart donation button above and be sure to put "Dixie dental" in the instructions box just before you click on Submit.


Remember donations are Tax Deductible!


Dixie is timid and somewhat aloof.  However, Dixie's foster mom says, "Dixie is a beautiful little girl and will make a great addition to an Adult home!"


Marley - Denver, CO

“Marley” is a special sweet boy.  SRN picked Marley up from a Colorado shelter.

Marley is a senior boy with a weak bladder, bad teeth and in need of being neutered.


Marley joined us in July, but was not strong enough for a dental and neuter procedure.

He is now strong enough and being scheduled to be neutered, have his teeth cleaned and remove any decayed teeth.


The minimum estimate for Marley’s care Is $700.00

Your donations can help us provide the much needed care for Marley and others like him.

Remember, donations are tax deductible.

Medical Needs - 8/14/2015

Charlie - Columbia, SC

Yes, this little boy is a blond Schipperke.

Charlie is a young, adult male who is Heart Worm positive and must undergo treatment to save his life.

Anyone with the heart and a few dollars is asked to consider making a tax deductible donation to help us restore this little boys quality of health and life!


UPDATE 8/8/2015 Settled into his new foster home - Has started his first three months of pre treatment for Heart worm disease. Total treatment time will be 5 months.


UPDATE 8/7/2015 In foster care - Medical Needs

Well, he is out of the shelter and already at a vet. This boy is going to need continued vet care, he is heart worm positive. He also has skin damage/infection from flea infestation, and of course, he is not neutered. We will post an official name for this boy once he is with Margaret, his new foster mom.

UPDATE - 8/11/2015

Sara - Oklahoma

UPDATE: 8/11/2015:  Sara has completed all medical procedures she needs and continues to enjoy retired life with her foster mom.  NOW all she needs is a permanent home.  Got a place in your heart for her?


UPDATE: 2-13-2015: Sara is doing well given her situation. She has come a long way emotionally and not enjoying being handled and loved on by her foster mom. She is on support supplements for her heart and we hope to be able to attempt removing her abscess in the next few weeks. She will remain on antibiotics until then.


UPDATE: 1-22-2015:  Sara was in surgery for her dental when suddenly SHE STOPPED BREATHING AND HER HEART STOPPED!

Her wonderful vet was able to quickly get her heart and breathing going again, but was concerned about continuing the procedure. Her teeth are now clean, but she still has the abscess.

She is at the clinic on heat support and oxygen until she is fully recovered and awake. She will be re-evaluated to be sure the is no damage left due to her ordeal.

If all goes well, we will attempt to remove the abscess in 30 days. It will be a quick get in and get out procedure due to her inability to handle a longer procedure.

Please keep our special girl in your thoughts while we work to restore her health.

Please remember that our ability to help special senior babies such as Sara depends on donations from the loving Schipperke community and dog lovers all over.



12-30-2014:  Sara is 12 yrs old.  She has cataracts and was just spayed.  She is now at vet clinic for vaccination check, getting heart worm tested. 12.6 pounds, She is a mellow girl, picked up with no issues. Doggie door trained, rode in car to vet with no issues. Originally found as stray. Spent time in a foster home. At time of spay, she had a fibroid tumor removed and the foster home returned her to shelter. She was just spayed, and not ready to travel long distance. A foster home is needed within a days ride. Once she is fully recovered and full evaluation can be done, then she could be considered for a longer transport.


For now a foster home is urgently needed within a day ride of Oklahoma city. This is an URGENT plea. This is a small shelter.

New - 8/11/2015

Shadow - New York

8/11/2015 Shadow is not Heart Worm Free, yet  We are allowing his body to regain strength for the next 60 days.  He will be neutered and ready for adoption at that time.


Shadow is a nice boy but can be protective. We feel Shadow would do best in an adult home.

Meet Shadow.

Shadow was turned over to SRN by a New York shelter. Shadow was an owner surrender. Medical records show that Shadow was treated for Heart Worms, but was not put on prevention after his care.

Sadly, Shadow tested positive for Heart Worms again 2 years ago and was never treated.


He has seen our vet first - his first of several visits and has been placed on pre-treatment. He will have future testing to find out just how much internal damage there may or may not be. He will start his treatment after he has completed his pre-treatment care for protection of Wolbachia.


Please help us help Shadow. He deserves so much more love out of life than he has been given.

Pre-Treatment has started and a schedule of treatment is in place -

Total estimate for care is $1100.00

Update - 8/10/2015

Jackson - Arizona

This is Jackson, one of our seniors in Arizona.


Jackson is spending the night at the vet clinic tonight.

He has Valley Fever and has developed a problem with eating and keeping all of his food down. Jackson also needs a dental. He is staying at the clinic and in the AM will have a scope down his throat to see if there is a medical cause for his problems. If he is well enough, he will get his dental done to prevent infection from adding to his health issues.


Jackson is just one of our special medical seniors that SRN maintains.

Our policy is to provide quality of life with loving foster homes. These dogs represent true rescue.


They are the ones rescue saves from death row, knowing that they will not be adopted, but instead will live in SRN protection.


These special babies are costly and quickly deplete rescue funds, but we are dedicated to giving these babies the life they deserve and proving the value of their life is far greater than the value of a dollar bill.


If you would like to be a part of proving life is greater than the almighty dollar, please consider a donation to,INC.


Every dollar we receive goes to the care of Schipperke's in need of help. Every donation is valuable, every dollar counts, and every donation is life saving

Jesse - Oregon ... Update

This is Jesse - post surgery


SRN had to dip heavily into its resources to cover the surgery and follow-up medical.  She is still under medical care and will continue to be so for some time, but we think this precious girl should be able to have a long and wonderful life.


So, please help us replenish our resources to be ready to help the next Special Needs Schip.

Jesse - Oregon

This poor little girl is a blue Schipperke with Alopecia and a mass on the inside of her rear leg. Animal control confiscated her from a locked car sitting in a parking lot. Her owner did not step up to claim her., Inc (SRN) has claimed her and a transport has been arranged. She will be safe in a foster home at the first of the week. We are grateful for the help and dedication we received from the San Bernardino County Animal Care and Control. They were very giving in working with SRN to allow us time to find a safe place for this girl to go to. This precious sweet little girl will be a ward of SRN for life.


If you would like to help SRN sponsor this little girl, we would be most grateful for your help. She will need a lot of initial medical care. She will be given a formal name once she reaches her foster home. This precious baby is only 2 to 3 yrs of age.


Her mass is the size of a softball.

Great dogs for Good Homes

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