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This is where the rubber REALLY meets the road!  Adopting a rescue dog can be the most rewarding experience of your life!  But let's look at some basic questions.  Then take a look at all the information about the process, Schips that are actually available, and some of the Happy Endings for Schippies that have come through SchipperkeRescue.Net.  Just use the menu above and at the bottom.


What's wrong with a shelter/rescue dog?


Usually not a thing. Some were given up by individuals    who were not willing to educate themselves, or commit to being a responsible pet owner - unprepared for the time, money and care required. Many purebreds end up in shelters because they just didn't measure up to a preconceived ideal. Television shows and Movies influence a breed's popularity---but not every Jack Russell Terrier will behave like Eddie from the TV show "Frazier nor will every Collie behave like Lassie.


Others were given up because of a major change in the owner's circumstances such as major illness or death, loss of income requiring a move to a place where pets are not allowed, etc.  Some are simply strays whose owner could not be found.  And there are some that have been taken in as a result of a puppy mill or hoarder seizure.



What Should I Know Before I Adopt?


Time! Do you have the time to devote to a new companion? How will the addition effect your lifestyle?


Expense. Are you prepared for the costs of food, treats, toys, preventive veterinary care?  For terrific information, find out The Lifetime Cost of  Pet right here.


Commitment! Are you prepared to love and care for a living, breathing, thinking being for it’s entire life, which could mean anywhere from 10 to 20 years, depending on the age at adoption?


Why adopt A Pre-Owned Pet?


What you see is what you get! Older animals are easier to train, have better attention spans then puppies. They've passed the puppy chew stage, and are often already housebroken.


Rescued Dogs always seem to give just a little bit more, knowing how tenuous life is. They blossom in a new loving environment, forming strong bonds and becoming exceptionally loyal companions.


Great dogs for Good Homes

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