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This is important stuff!

The information in this section is time sensitive and/or may impact your pet's health and future!

Be sure to check out these furkids who have gone missing.  You never know when you may be able to help reunite a missing Schip with its distraught owner!

Remember the Chinese melamine scare!  But keep in mind not all recalls are that big or get that much notice.  Be sure to check here regularly for the latest recalls that may affect your dog's health.

These precious babies have special problems that need your help.  Can you help fund a special surgery?  Do you want an update on a Schip or two undergoing HW treatment?  Here they are!

Not all scares relate to food.  Bacteria and viruses evolve into new or more virulent diseases.  There are new genetic issues showing up from time to time.  Here is your up-to-date information on the latest!

Be sure to check and see if there is anything new on these pages.  There are new programs going on all the time!  Or SUBSCRIBE (below) to get timely information on subjects of your choice.

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