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Available Rescued Schipperkes


SchipperkeRescue.Net lists brief summaries and photos of the Schipperkes that are currently available through our rescue program. SRN places our dogs in verified foster homes where the dog receives all required medical care, updating of vaccinations, proper diet and exercise, and socialization and training. SRN works directly with the foster care provider to monitor the progress of the dog and to determine when the dog is ready for placement in a permanent home. SRN does not accept dogs into our foster care program if they have a history of biting or develop behavior issues during foster care.


From time to time, SRN provides courtesy listing for Schipperkes that are with their original owners or in some other home that is not one of our verified foster homes. Such listings are noted as "COURTESY LISTING". If you are interested in learning more about one of these dogs, you should contact the foster care provider and seek as much information as possible. SRN does some pre-screening of these dogs, however, SRN assumes no responsibility for health or behavior issues for "courtesy listing" dogs. Adoption of any "courtesy listing" dog is between the owner and the adopting party, and any claims regarding health and/or behavior are the responsibility of the owner.


The Schipperkes list below are just some of the dogs for whom SRN is currently seeking homes. Please also check our Facebook page for information about other dogs that may be available for adoption to good homes. If you are not a Facebook user, please contact Susan Fogleman, our Rescue Coordinator, to find out about a Schipperke that might be the right match for you and your family.



Because we have so few available purebred Schips who are available, we have created a special page of courtesy listings of Schip mixes.  If you are willing to consider giving a home to a part Schip (born on the wrong side of the blanket, so to speak 😉), please feel free to check out these Special Schipperke Mixes.



In the meantime, be sure to fill out an Adoption Application and send it as indicated on the

How to Adopt a Rescued Schip page.  All instructions are there, and the application will be required in order to be approved as an adoptive home.




Central Florida

This little (13 pounds) girl is about to turn 8 yrs old.

She loves people. She does not do well with other pets and will bite them. She is marking in her current situation. She is trained at level 2 agility.


"Kayten" needs to find a home, preferably without other pets (she will charge a cat) that can help her feel secure and not feel the need to mark.


This is all we know to post, if you have an interest in this girl please fill out an application and someone will contact you. You will find an application here Adoption/Foster Application






Southern Alabama

Missy is a 13 yr old female who lost her family due to owner age/illness.


Her world was turned upside down at age 13, but she is settling in nicely, with her foster home that includes 2 schipperke's & Pom x. She is quite active & for her age, she spends most of the day up, walking around the house & outside exploring the fenced yard. After supper she is done for the day, and will find ALL her comfy fleece blankets on the couch and calls it a night. She is potty trained, and will go to the door to let you know.


She came in with some flea allergies, and was chewing on her paws and has a few small patches of hair loss. Her foster mom is addressing this issue to clear her up. She did go in for a medical work up and we are waiting on test results. We will post a new update once we have those results.


In the meantime, if you would be interested in giving this sweet old gal a peaceful retirement, please email

And fill out an Adoption/Foster Application




New Jersey

A note from TJ's foster mom.

TJ is a very funny boy. He likes to hang out with me when I am working from home. I always have to start conference calls with “ I have dogs and it’s inevitable that they will bark at the most inappropriate time during the meeting” usually TJ starts it off just to get my attention. He really is a good boy. But one of my foster failures is just crazy and he sets her off. He would just do better in a home he can be loved and not have to compete. Give him a chance! He has so many years of love left.


TJ is a sweet older gentleman just looking for a family of his own. He is quite active for his age and loves to play in the yard & bark at the neighbors. He learned the dog door very easily, knows to sit for treats & meals, and knows where his dog beds & safe spaces are. If I can’t find him, he is usually in the “cage” or hanging on the deck. He has no issues with storms, rain or snow. When he gets bored, he can look for things to get into, so keep your trash cans covered! He enjoys belly rubs & getting buried in blankets. He can be quite silly at times. Walks fine on a leash & no problem in the car.


He does like people but favors women, and he loves little girls. (A discovery we made when I hired a dog sitter while I was away on business & she brought her daughter over. He is so good with her!) He can be a couch potato and likes to sit at my feet while watching TV.


TJ does have his quirks. He is competitive with my other 2 younger girl dogs. But I think it is because he wants to be the boss and they won’t let him. So sometimes, there is a little growling conversation but nothing more. He really doesn’t “play” with the girls, but he watches when they do. He does interact with them when there is something fun to bark at. I have no real information how he will do with cats, but I would caution against. TJ is also on a maintenance drug for anxiety. He gets 1 small pill every day & easily ingests it with his wet food.


The best home would be one that he can be the “boss”. He would be fine with a submissive or older dog. I work from home, so he is used to my being around. But, he does fine when I travel and is always happy to see his sitters. As far as dogs go, he is actually pretty easy to handle.


Be sure to fill out your adoption/foster application at

Adoption/Foster Application and send it to:



Adoption Pending


Misty & Tiffany

Ledyard, CT

Meet Misty and Tiffany.


These girls are half sisters at 11 to 12 years of age. Sadly, their mom has fallen ill and they now need a new home.


Misty, is a fun girl and will "dance" for you.

Tiffany is a typical Schip and will bark at strangers, but then becomes friendly.


Both girls are social, spayed and Up to date on vet care.


If interested in adopting or fostering, please fill out the application.


Adoption/Foster Application

8/8 2018



in Virginia

(P.S. I'm a girl!)

Did you know that Spunky means courageous and determined?


Well, that's me!  I'm Spunky.  I am courageous, but, most importantly, I am determined to find my new home.


There are several important things you should know about me.  I am only 12-1/2 years young and have been fully vetted and spay.  I walk on a leash and get along with other dogs.  Being the sweet, Spunky girl I am, I don't bark much.  Not only am I housebroken, but I will scratch at the door when I want to go out.  And, of course, I love to be brushed and have your full attention.


And stupid Squirrels don't scare me.  I keep my figure trim by chasing them, so you don't have to worry about them bothering your bird feeder.


But one thing does scare me, and that is stairs.  I'm afraid of going up and down them.


So, if you think you can love a Spunky little girls like me, get your application in to SchipperkeRescue.Net from  or email as soon as possible ... because there are a lot of stupid squirrels out there that really need to be chased!

Great dogs for Good Homes

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