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Calling all Independent Schipperke Rescuers and Rescue Groups

Even if you have registered in the past, we need you to do so again.  There are some changes to the process and to the database which require new registrations for all.


There are also some differences in look and feel of the results.  Be sure to read all the instructions below before signing up, whether for the first time or as a renewal.


One MAJOR change is the requirement for an update every six months.  This means you will receive an email, to which you MUST reply within 7 days with any changes to your listing (e.g. a new email, change of phone number, etc.) or acknowledging "NO CHANGES."


There is one additional change from the past.  Those rescuers and rescue groups with whom SRN has successfully worked in the past and are considered "endorsed" will have a green check mark

on their listing.  This endorsement will be reviewed with the listing update.  New listings will not

receive such a mark in the beginning.  You may contact the Rescue Coordinator for instructions how you and/or your group may earn such an endorsement.

All Listings Are FREE.  There is no charge to be listed, but by requesting such listing, you are agreeing to the provisions of the SchipperkeRescue.Net agreement which binds you to the following rules:


  1. You agree that your primary purpose is to receive, transport, foster, and/or place a rescued Schipperke in the best possible forever home for that dog.

  2. You will not use SchipperkeRescue.Net to sell dogs.  You may ask for an adoption fee for rescued dogs, only, according to the provisions below.

  3. You accept full responsibility for the health and well-being of each dog in your care.

  4. When working with shelters or animal control units, you will NOT put holds on dogs, especially if you cannot or do not plan to pick up the dog immediately.  You will allow the shelter or other rescue groups to place or access any available dog until such time as you actually can pick up the dog.  You will not commit to pick up a dog from a shelter unless you know you can do so.  If you do commit to pick up a dog within a specific time frame, you will do as you have promised.  It is important to understand that rescue takes over ONLY when the shelter is ready to let the dog go.  If a dog can be adopted by a shelter, it is in their best interest to do so.  We do not compete with shelters; we support them.

  5. You will always ask the individual, shelter, or animal control whether or not the Schipperke to be rescue has a history of biting and, if possible, get the answer in writing (the Bailment Agreement provides for this - see your document packet provide upon registration acceptance).

  6. If you offer foster care, you accept responsibility to provide whatever medical care is necessary to make the dog ready for placement. (see the Veterinary Protocols.pdf)

  7. As a foster, you also agree to provide as much training in basic manners as time and resources permit to any dog in your care and to provide as full a written assessment of its personality and behavior to an applicant as possible.

  8. All information you gather, whether medical or behavioral, will be provided to any potential adopter prior to adoption by means of a written assessment.  In addition to this assessment, you will also provide a current schedule of the dog's mealtimes, treats, walks (or other means of exercise and potty breaks), medications, etc.  You will also provide a list of the foods the dog currently eats as well as at least 5 days worth of foods, treats, and, if needed, medications.

  9. You agree to adhere to the 30-day minimum (preferably 2-month) provisional adoption wherein you agree to take the dog back and refund any adoption fees during the provisional period, should the match prove unworkable.

  10. You agree to accept the SchipperkeRescue.Net Adoption Application you receive from an applicant referred by SchipperkeRescue.Net although you may ask any additional questions you feel appropriate.

  11. You will incorporate the content of the SchipperkeRescue.Net Adoption Contract provisions (samples to be provided to you upon confirmation of inclusion) in your own contract when placing a dog from a referral from SchipperkeRescue.Net.  However, you may NOT use the SRN logo on any of your documentation unless pre-approved in writing by the Rescue Coordinator.

  12. If you wish your rescue efforts to be supported financially by SchipperkeRescue.Net, you will 1) get pre-approval for any expenses from the SRN Rescue Coordinator and 2) provide an accounting of major charges expended on behalf of the dog being adopted, especially those related to medical care, to the adopting home, usually in the form of copies of vet bills, etc. In most cases, SRN will work directly with the vet involved to negotiate costs and, where possible, pay the vet directly so as to minimize a rescuer's investment.

  13. You will charge an adoption fee appropriate to the expenditures on the individual dog, but the adopting home may voluntarily pay more to help defray expenses for dogs whose care required more than the adoption fee provides.  If SchipperkeRescue.Net has paid for or reimbursed you for rescue expenses, any adoption fee will be forwarded to SchipperkeRescue.Net to offset those expenses.  Adoption fees are NOT tax deductible, but any amount over the actual adoption fee may be.

  14. You will update your profile on this site if there are any changes to be made and keep it current by notifying the Rescue Coordinator immediately.

  15. You will indemnify and hold SchipperkeRescue.Net harmless with regard to any action or issue arising from any referral obtained directly or indirectly from or through SchipperkeRescue.Net.  Whether or not SRN has provided financial support for a particular dog, you will also indemnify and SchipperkeRescue.Net, Inc harmless with regard to any action or issue arising from the dog being accepted into your rescue.


Should it be reported to SchipperkeRescue.Net that you have NOT abided by any of the above rules and should such report be substantiated in any way, your listing will be removed and you will not be permitted to utilize the contacts herein in any rescue activities.  Such removal information will be provided to all listed rescuers and volunteers.


To help you and the public to understand precisely what services you provide, here is a list of Service terms and SRN's definitions.  Please list only those services you are actually willing to provide:


What do the Services terms mean?


Bail-out: taking Schips out of shelters, pounds, from animal control or surrenders.


Initial contact: with prospective adopters; acceptance & review of applications; maintaining files, etc.


Adoption Coordination:  acting as intermediary between prospective adopters and the foster homes or shelters where available Schips might be.


Transport:  moving dogs from one part of the country to another; generally between shelter and foster home or between foster home and adoptive home.


Fostering: taking in a rescued dog, providing basic training in manners and obedience as well as medical care; evaluating personality quirks and potential issues for adoptive homes; providing a loving temporary home environment for a rescued Schip.  To be considered for fostering, please fill out the Foster Application.


Home checks:  visits to the homes of prospective adopters to ensure their perception of their home matches the information on the application and is suitable for any Schip or a specific Schip.


Referrals: providing referrals to shelters, rescuers, or other sources of rescue Schips to facilitate the matching of home to available dogs.


Breed information:  providing information about Schipperkes in general about their range of temperament, physical characteristics, etc.; acting as a resource on health and training issues; helping to determine if Schipperkes are the right breed for a prospective adopter.


Training: providing training for rescued Schips and adoptive parents in housebreaking, manners, obedience; often deals with behavioral issues such as dominance, nipping, fear response, etc. If the rescuer is skilled in training, he/she may undertake such tasks.  If not, then professional assistance should be sought.


SchipperkeRescue.Net actually has two types of listings:

Rescuers & Volunteers.


Rescuers work with the general public, shelters, and other rescuers and usually provide most if not all of the above services.  Their contact information is available on the Find a Rescuer page.


Volunteers do NOT work with nor is their contact information visible to the general public.  Instead they will listed  in a private section available ONLY to Rescuers and other Volunteers.


Simply choose which type of listing you prefer when you create your account.


NOTE:  although all fields are mandatory, address information will not be displayed on the website.


Please understand, for the protection of SRN, all Rescuers, Volunteers, and groups are be subject to an approval process which may include veterinarian and/or reference checking.

Great dogs for Good Homes

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