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YOU Are the Lifeblood of

Schipperke Rescue

Take a look at the wonderful Schips all over this page and on most of the pages on this site.  Every one of them has come through SRN and now have happy forever homes, thanks to people like you.


The truth is that almost all of the pups who come through SRN require some sort of veterinary care ranging from simple vaccinations and heartworm tests running between $100 and $200 all the way up to surgeries costing upwards of $1,500.  The average dog has an initial vet bill of $300 to $400.


What makes it more difficult is that many of these dogs are older and, therefore, more difficult to find homes for.  But, just as we would like to live out our later years  in the best health we can and with those around us who love us, so, too, do these amazing dogs, many of whom have been abused, neglected, or, simply abandoned.


Like most breed rescue organizations, we have no paid staff.  $.98 of every dollar you donate goes directly to caring for the dogs.


But we can only care for those for whom we have enough funds to support.  That's where you come in.


As you can see, we have 4 programs to help take care of Schips in need:


  • You may donate to our general fund which helps with standard medical bills and expenses for incoming dogs.

  • You may prefer to target your donation to Special Needs Schips - those with extraordinary medical bills and/or ongoing medical expenses.

  • You may wish to honor a beloved Schip or Schip person or family with our Memorial Donations program.  The honoree will receive a special card acknowledging your donation in their name.  Be sure to put the honoree's name and address in the "Instructions to Seller" box at checkout.

  • Our Feed-a-Friend program provides food and basic veterinary aid on a temporary basis to Schip owners with short-term financial issues but who want to keep their beloved Schip in their homes.


And, if you would like to set up an automatic donation either from your bank or your credit card, feel free to donate through Network for Good.





And, of course, you are welcome to send your donation by check directly to our Treasurer:


William Heney

SchipperkeRescue.Net, Inc.

154 Meagans Run Road

Woodstock, VA  22664


or to our office:

SchipperkeRescue.Net, Inc.

2360 Dairy Road

Lancaster, PA 17601


Remember:  all donations are fully tax deductible, so


The Schips are counting on you!


Great dogs for Good Homes

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