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The Schipperke Rescue groups and individuals listed on this site are committed to finding the best possible home for each and every Schipperke that comes into Rescue.  They are not charged for being listed.  This is a free service to both Rescuers and those wishing to adopt or who must give up a Schipperke.  Just select your state or region or a neighboring state to see if there is a Rescuer near you.


As this is a volunteer listing of rescuers and rescue groups, not all rescuers listed here are endorsed by SchipperkeRescue.Net, Inc.  SRN has worked with a number of independent rescuers and rescue groups and some have performed in such a manner as to have earned such an endorsement.  By those names or the organization name you will see a large green check mark.


However, just because there is no such check mark by a specific name does not mean that rescuer or organization is not reputable.  It only means they have not worked with SRN or gone through the process.  In either case, always be sure to check out the rescuer you are working with.  Ask for references and check them, both personal and veterinary.  They will ask the same of you, so there's no reason you can't ask for theirs.


Keep in mind that, as one of the rarer breeds, not all states have organized Rescue groups.  If you cannot locate one close to you, please feel free to use the Contact Us link above to reach us and we will see what we can do to help locate someone to help.




What do the Services terms mean?


To help you understand the services each rescuer provides, see below for a list of terms and their definitions:


Bail-out: taking Schips out of shelters, pounds, from animal control or surrenders.


Initial contact: with prospective adopters; acceptance & review of applications; maintaining files, etc.


Adoption Coordination:  acting as intermediary between prospective adopters and the foster homes or shelters where available Schips might be.


Transport:  moving dogs from one part of the country to another; generally between shelter and foster home or between foster home and adoptive home.


Fostering: taking in a rescued dog, providing basic training in manners and obedience as well as medical care; evaluating personality quirks and potential issues for adoptive homes; providing a loving temporary home environment for a rescued Schip.


Home checks:  visits to the homes of prospective adopters to ensure their perception of their home matches the information on the application and is suitable for any Schip or a specific Schip.


Referrals: providing referrals to shelters, rescuers, or other sources of rescue Schips to facilitate the matching of home to available dogs.


Breed information:  providing information about Schipperkes in general about their range of temperament, physical characteristics, etc.; acting as a resource on health and training issues; helping to determine if Schipperkes are the right breed for a prospective adopter.


Training: providing training for rescued Schips and adoptive parents in housebreaking, manners, obedience; often deals with behavioral issues such as dominance, nipping, fear response, etc. If the rescuer is skilled in training, he/she may undertake such tasks.  If not, then professional assistance should be sought.


SchipperkeRescue.Net cannot and does not vouch for any rescuer listed here.  All information is provided by the rescuer or Rescue organization and has not been verified unless there is a green check mark on the listing.


SchipperkeRescue.Net is not responsible for the outcome of any contact between any Rescuer listed here and anyone accessing the listing. Please be cautious in choosing to work with a particular rescuer or rescue group.


By using this page, all parties agree to indemnify SchipperkeRescue.Net against any issue or legal action resulting from such contact.


SchipperkeRescue.Net is in the process of reevaluating all previously registered Rescuers.  As soon as this process is complete, a new list of Rescuers will be available here.  In the meantime, feel free to  fill out the Contact Us form to be referred to an approved Rescuer in your area. Be sure to give us your name, email, and city and state.


If you are interested in becoming a registered Rescuer, please fill out the form located on the Become a Rescuer page.

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