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Food & Other Recalls

This page is dedicated to notices of Food and Equipment or other Recalls that might relate to your canine companion.  The information here is not for Schips, alone, but for most any dog you or your friends might have.  Please read any notice carefully and be sure to check out the links provided for more information.

In 2007 the FDA issued a huge list of dog food manufacturers who used a wheat gluten product from China to increase the protein in their foods.  This gluten was cut with melamine - an industrial chemical that has no approved use as an ingredient in animal or human food in the US - and it was sickening and kills not only pets but livestock of all kinds.  Melamine was also found in Rice Protein concentrate and other Vegetable Proteins.


The result was a massive mandatory recall of hundreds of brands of pet food.  Criminal and civil charges were brought against American and Chinese companies and individuals ,who were fully aware of the dangers and chose to use the contaminated glutens regardless, with many suits still continuing to this day.


This massive recall alerted both the FDA, livestock owners and pet owners to the dangers potentially to be found in what they were feeding their animals and believed to be safe.  For more information on the foods involved in this recall follow this link:

2007 Pet Food Recall


As of October 9, 2014, there have been 14 recalls this year, some voluntary, some by FDA request, and some by FDA order.  Please check this link for a list of current recalls and be sure to read the label on the foods you are feeding your dog.

Current FDA Recalls & Withdrawals


Other items found to be unsafe, less effective, or harmful to dogs have been jerky treats, also from China, some stainless steel bowls containing Cobalt-60, rawhide bones or chips, Greenies, small squeaky toys, tennis balls, and electronic shock equipment, and most big box toys.

A recent major issue has been thousands of agonizing deaths from the use of common flea and tick shampoos and drops sold under names such as Hartz, Sergeant, bioSpot, and others (check the label for Pyrethrins such as phenothrin, pyrethroids, and other insecticides).


Keep in mind, there are no government standards for hazardous chemicals in pet products.


One thing all pet owners should carefully watch for is a change in ownership of the manufacturer of your favorite brands.  Many of the smaller brands, once they become successful - usually due to high quality and careful sourcing and manufacturing controls for which reason they often carry higher prices - are purchased by large companies, which subsequently reduce the quality while retaining the pricing and the names.


To protect yourself and your pets ...

  • Watch for changes in packaging

  • Be alert to changes in texture or color

  • Set a calendar alert to do a search for news about your food's name or manufacturer

  • Check the FDA Recalls and Withdrawals list regularly

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