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More Happy Endings

Below are some more of the furkids who have gone to wonderful forever home.  You will see that their original information is still listed with them.  The reason we don't give follow up information is to protect the identities of the adoptive homes.  But we did want you to know that these pups have actually been adopted.





Evie - Female

Location – Arizona

Age – 7 years

Evie came to SRN from a shelter.


At first Evie was very dominant and had some resource guarding issues, but with time and some training has improved dramatically.

Evie has learned how to share her space and has learned how to relax.

Evie would probably would do well with another dog that is low key and non dominant.

Evie is great with people – she absolutely loves people.




Stockbridge, VT

This is a Courtesy Posting

(Please note:  This dog has not been evaluated by SRN.  We only have the information provided by the owner and take no responsibility for its accuracy.)


 Age: Senior - 10 years

Compatibility: Not Good w/ Other Dogs, Not Good w/ Cats, Good w/ Adults (Not Kids)

Personality: High Energy, Very Dominant

Health: Neutered, Vaccinations Current, Aggressive

Napoleon has been with me since he was a tiny baby. He has never gotten along well with other dogs except for my Cattle Dog. He also has not really every been trainable within my household and lifestyle. He gets into the cat boxes and the garbage, he does not respond to commands unless he is in front of a treat. If he gets loose, he will run away for at least an hour and not come when called. He loves treats, eating and being taught tricks, snuggling and going for walks on leash. If he could do these things every day, he would be very happy. I have just given birth to my first child, and live on a farm with many animals. I feel that Napoleon would have a better life if he was able to spend more time out of his crate with one-on-one attention. Currently I have one dog that he gets along with and another that he does not, so it is a constant juggling match between who gets attention. Usually, its the other dog because Napoleon needs to be watched. He is the smartest dog I have ever met, and I have taken him to training classes in which he has done amazing. He just doesn't respect me at home and if I don't have a treat in my hand. He will not listen for me, and a strict obedience centered lifestyle is not something I can commit to. I would love to see who is out there for Napoleon, and to see If I can set up a better life for him for the years he has left. I would gladly take him back if it did not work out. I am sad to even write this, and it has taken me 2 months to get up the courage. I hope there is a perfect match for my little buddy. (Less)




Remsenburg, NY

My name is Rocco,  I am 14 years old and I need someone to open a door and invite me to stay forever.


My current family has been through some changes.  Some of the humans have left off to college and the remaining humans work very long hours leaving alone.  I get scared alone for that long and then I have accidents due to stress.

I had a buddy, but my buddy passed away.  When my buddy was here, I was fine.  Now I am afraid everyone is going to be taken away so I sort of started a bad habit of trying to protect my territory and I might growl or nip at strangers.  I'm just so confused.


I need a soft loving home that will have someone there most of the time.  Maybe one female four legged friend, if she is nice.  I have recently decided that four legged males are not my favorite.

January 12, 2017



Orlando, FL Region

Tootsie is thought to be around 10 years of age. She is a sweet girl, who will dig. Although not good walking on a leash, she will go out and potty on a leash due to her digging and fear she might dig her way out. Tootsie is an entertaining little girl who grumbles her way through meals and loves her toy attack time after filling her belly.


Tootsie is up to date on her vaccinations, spayed and has had a complete dental with extractions of any bad teeth. She is healthy for her age and ready for a home to call her own.



This young lady we're calling LEGS.

(We think you can see why!)

Legs is a 5-6 month old pup weighing in about 11 lbs.  She is a love bug but not quite ready to go.

She has just been moved to her foster home in New Jersey where she will get full vetting and a bit of socializing.  And, yes, you are seeing a tail, but a somewhat long and skinny one.

The other mix is Legs' mom.  She, too, is tall and leggy, but at the moment is somewhat traumatized and not yet ready to be rehomed.  Hopefully, once vetted and evaluated in her New Jersey foster home, she will make a lovely companion.  Pictures will be posted when she is ready

Update: 2/21/2017


Dixie Lee

Nashville, TN

Up To Date on Vaccinations/Spayed


This little girl is 15+ years old.   Adopted 8 years ago from a Schipperke club's rescue, she is once again in need of rescue.

Her name is Dixie Lee and her owners are leaving the country.   Dixie Lee would not be allowed to travel in cabin due to country's policy for the long international trip. She would be forced to fly in cargo with the luggage.

Given her age, her owner fears this would be too much to ask of her.


Dixie Lee has some special needs. She takes Levocrine 0.1 mg 2x daily for r hypothyroidism and 1/4 ursodiol 250mg 2x daily for her colon.  She has had stomach issues in the past and this seems to keep them at bay. She has mild arthritis in her hind legs, so it takes a few minutes for her to get her legs moving, then she gets around quite well and is active.


Dixie Lee lives with and is best buddies with a cat.  She has not lived with other dogs or children, but did live with other dogs 8 years ago if a foster home.  She is house trained and did well on a leash several years ago, so could be re-introduced if needed.

Update: 3/17/2016



Female, approx. 8 1/2 years old. UTD on vaccinations, spayed, on heart-worm prevention, weighs about 13 lbs. Gets along with other dog in the house.


Is food aggressive with other dogs. Dominant, pulls and barks at other dogs outside of the home.

Adorable and smart with her people. Very loyal.


The 2 worst things: unpredictable peeing in the house. She gets very anxious when owner leaves the house - especially if no other person is home. Barks on and off when people come over.

Recommend crate use when dog is left alone.



Grizzly - Tennessee

Grizzly is male, age 4.5 years old, and quite obese.  He weighs 35 pounds and needs to lose about 15 of them - mostly by exercise and a reduced calorie diet.


He grumbles and growls, is defensive (protective), but not aggressive.  He will do okay with a female dog that is not the "in your face" type, i.e. Beta or lower - just not an alpha.  He will try to dominate.  Once bonded, he is super loving but protective of his owner and home.



Jenny - Scottsdale, AZ

Jenny is approximately 10 years of age.  Bright and lively.  However, she can be bossy to other dogs, i.e. an alpha female.  Would be ideal as an only dog or with a male.




MEET SCOOTER -Burgettstown, PA

Scooter is a neutered male, about 9 years of age. Scooter's family is having to move due to medical issues and needs a loving home for their boy.


Scooter has manners and is social. He does some arthritis in his back, but does not have difficulty with it on a daily basis. He would need to be in easy home and not running and jumping all over the stairs because of his back, but can and does live a normal paced life.


Scooter's only downfall is that he is not comfortable with young children. He is very good with other dogs and takes a walk with his neighbor's dog every day.


SRN is open to either accepting Scooter as a foster or helping someone directly offer a home for this baby.

UPDATE: 8-17-2014




This precious little girl is somewhere between 12 and 14 years old but VERY active.


She is adorable!  She is loving and bonding and deserves to have a real mommy or daddy of her own.


She is in excellent health.  She does have a past history of seizures which are controlled on a very INexpensive medication and hasn't had a seizure in the 6 months she's been on it.


She would be an ideal companion for an older adult who wants company on walks that keep both of you feeling young and staying healthy.


Won't you find it in your heart to invite her into your home?

Update:  8/4/15  ADOPTED

Yogi - Delaware



Yogi is a big boy at 24#'s. Very sweet temperament. He ran over to a volunteer when she entered the yard, rolled over for a belly rub. She was able to pick him up.

The volunteer took her male dog to meet Yogi & the boys had a blast running & playing.


He's neutered, lives with 2 cats, & has been around 2 children 5 & 7 years old & is fine with them.

He is approx. 5-6 years old. I'll know for sure when his owner picks up his records from his vet.

His owner is moving & cannot take Yogi.

Yogi has never shown aggression or bitten anyone.

Great dogs for Good Homes

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