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How to Adopt a Rescued Schip

Steps to Adoption

Read the all the information below - it explains the process SRN and most Rescuers use.

  1. Fill out an applicationNothing can happen until you fill out that application!

  2. Submit the application.  You may print the Application or, if you have Adobe Reader 7.0 or later, you may fill it in online and use the Submit button at the end.  You will need to digitally sign the document before Submitting.  Using the Submit button will allow you to email your application using either an email client on your machine or Webmail.  If that still doesn't work, you may save a copy of the completed form and attach it to an email to or directly to a rescuer with whom you are working.

  3. Select a Rescuer to work with.  If you've found out about a Schipperke near you, then you may work with the rescuer listing the dog.  If you don't know of a rescuer, then feel free to work directly with SchipperkeRescue.Net, Inc. (SRN).

  4. Expect to be interviewed by phone. Although you may believe the application covers it all, most rescuers (and the SRN Rescue Coordinator, definitely) will want to ask you a lot of questions about your home environment, the personalities of your family and other pets, schedules, and a lot more.  This helps any Rescuer find the best home for the dog in rescue.  Remember, our job is not to find a dog for everyone, but to find the best home for each dog.

  5. You may experience a Home Check.  A great deal depends on your previous experience with Schipperkes, or with a particular Rescuer, the information resulting from your interview and application, your location, and, even, the personality of the particular dog.  This is not to imply any criticism of your home or you, but to be sure that there aren't little things that should be addressed to ensure the protection of the dog once it is in your home.

  6. Get approved.  Not everyone is approved for any particular dog.  Again, this is not to cast aspersions on you or your family; instead, it is to ensure the right match for both the dog and the home.  There are a number of factors that determine the suitability of a particular home for a particular dog, so please don't be offended if you are not approved for the dog you think you want.  It really may not be the right dog for you.

  7. Check out Available Schips on this site and others.  SRN isn't the only source for rescued Schipperkes (although we do think we're the best!).  Be sure to contact your local shelter or animal control and let them know you are looking for a Schipperke. Also go to and other sources of rescued animals both on the web and in your area.  SRN also maintains an up-to-date FaceBook page, so check that out as well.

  8. Get matched to the right Rescued Schip for your home and family.  Although this is the toughest job in the world and may take quite some time, it is the matching process that ensures the best chance of getting a Schip that will not only make you happy but will be happy in your home.  And even if your Rescuer thinks they've found a match, the task still isn't complete.  Next you have to ...

  9. Meet the Schip and see if you bond.  Sometimes we meet someone and we know immediately that they will become a friend.  Others, not so much.  Well, dogs are the same way.  Just as we never quite know what it is that causes us to make those instant judgments, we also don't know why dogs do.  So, the time you spend meeting a Schip is invaluable in the ultimate success of the adoption.  However, you may want to be sure to check with your Rescuer what you will need to be ready to take your dog home if all goes well.

  10. Sign the Adoption Agreement, pay the adoption fee that helps cover the dogs medical expenses, and take your baby home.  Read the agreement carefully before you sign.  It is a legal document.  And understand that no Rescuer makes money from your adoption fee.  In most cases Rescuers have spent that and more on veterinary bills and other expenses, if not for your specific dog, then for another in rescue.  Overall, the Rescuer does it for the love of the dogs and usually comes out short.

  11. Keep in touch with your Rescuer for support and updates.  Just because you've now got a dog doesn't mean you can forget about Rescue.  You will find that your rescue person as well as the foster who cared for your new adoptee will happily be available to help you with whatever support you need.  Plus you will find that you will become part of a very special family of Schip slaves who love and support one another and even cross the country to visit and attend Schipnics (Schipperke picnics - very special and fun gatherings of Schipperke people and their dogs).

  12. It is important to understand that there are never any guarantees in adoption.  Neither SchipperkeRescue.Net nor the individual rescuer or foster with whom you work can promise to find you a Schipperke to adopt.  Nor do any of the above guarantee the condition or temperament of any dog considered or adopted.  All we can do is provide you with the best information we have about each animal.  Some of these dogs were rescued from shelters; some are strays; sometimes those who give up an animal do not provide any, much less complete information.  Your Rescue contact and the foster home will provide the best information they can, but the decision and the risk is yours.



Great dogs for Good Homes

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