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(aka “Tank” and “Jaws of Death”)

Born: ??

Adopted: January 17, 2010

Left for Rainbow Bridge: December 17, 2012


Even though Ike came to us in his later years, he was a beloved member of the family from the first day we brought him home. He was supposed to be our foster dog, but that ended PDQ, and he took his place as reigning king of the house.


Ike loved to greet his people upon their return to the house by playing ferocious games of tug-of-war with his stuffed toys, which he would then deposit in a pile near his water dish. He earned the nickname “Tank” by stubbornly attacking all obstacles in his path, usually with his head. Early in his time with us, he took down a screen door and didn’t even pause to admire his work!


Ike had all manner of physical limitations, none of which fazed him. He just “kept on truckin’.”


Ikey loved treats, chewers, naps, and, at the last, comforting cuddles. He died at home with his people and his Schip sister, Lily, attending him.


He was much loved and is truly missed.

Bob and Adela Wynn

Beloved companion of Dr. Gail Galligan

Remembrance offered by Pamela & John McCombs

Little Clem passed away peacefully on October 15, 2012 at the age of 11 or 12. Only God knows when and where he was born, but everyone knows that Little Clem is in heaven now. He was well-loved during his eight months with his foster mommy, Terry Ward.

March 10, 2001 to September 01, 2012 Little Black Pete, you are forever in our hearts, George Lane & Robert Rothacker Medford, MA

Time passes so quickly these days that appreciation for life is ever so important. In a blink of an eye, our beloved friend, Pete came and went from our lives. He was a different dog, one who inspired us to acquire two more Schipperkes, thinking we have three Petes, but quickly learned he was one of a kind. Always a gentlemen, knew how to work the crowd at our parties, never aggressive with other dogs or children and pawed at every guest that visited for a pet.


I spent several hours looking for a special photo to me that seem to embody the spirit of Pete, but it has eluded me and I hope that one day I come across it in an unsearched chest. It was Pete, as a curious pup, standing in front of a large wooden crate that has just arrived from Bali. He stood studying the box with a look that demanded we open it for his inspection.


He will be forever missed by us. For Bob, Pete was the first dog we shared together, the first dog of his own and a dog that came into his life when many of our older family members were still around.


Pete had a wonderful life from which his cancer seems to have stolen his golden years – we regret that we could not give him that part of his life.


I will miss his tagging along, or more appropriately – demanding he come along with us for every car ride (maybe it was that McDonalds hamburger he know he would get), him sleeping next to me with his head on my shoulder, and his welcome home “Woo, Woo, Woo” I received from him as I came up the basement stairs – a welcome home sound that was so precious to me I never took it for granted and was never able to capture on video. As times passes I hope this memory never fades.


In addition to my welcome home “Woo”, Pete joined Madison and Mitch (our other Schipperkes) in a greeting where they would all press so closely together jumping up at my leg that it looked like I owned a three headed dog - I couldn’t tell which head was which – a greeting that always made me feel warm and special inside.


Pete’s best friend here was Jasper; they shared a close bond that he never shared with another dog and one from which he never seemed to recover from when she left his life.


I hope Jasper is there to guide him on his journey and one day we will meet up again when I hear his “Woo, Woo, Woo” welcoming me back to the pack.


She came into our lives in 2005, she was just a puppy. She loved Christmas, birthdays, and dinner time. She spent her days napping, running around, and hanging out with us. She was a very smart dog, and figured out how to eat pistachios and spit the shell out. Hanna would always comfort you, she offered her heart to us, and protected us. Anytime you would turn the TV on, she would run to sit with you, and watch it. Hanna was the best dog anyone could ever ask for, we miss her very much.


A couple months ago, she was diagnosed with a heart murmur. Then, on August 29, 2012 she meet the grim reaper. She was very loyal and she was always happy to help anyone in any way she could.

With Love from all of us, The Gutierrez Family
With Love & Affection Judith & Keith Adabie

Neesa was born in South Carolina. She was owned for the 1st 7 years of her life by my dear friend.

When, In 2001 my friend could no longer take care of her, Neesa flew to New York to live with us. We loved her more than you could know.

She was a special girl. We miss her a lot. Her life with us was very full. She loved the car and went with us cross country, camping and many other trips. it was so easy to travel with her.

Christmas is hard this year because she was always under the tree, but we know she waits for us at the Rainbow Bridge.


~Pat and Bob Thompson~


Teddy Bear Onyx left Bozeman, Montana for his journey across the Rainbow Bridge at noon today. He was 59 days short of his 15th birthday and 28 days beyond his 9th anniversary with us.


Teddy has been dodging the Grim Reaper for much of this year. A combination of problems brought him to the brink four times, and each time he rallied.

But it caught up with him this past week.


Today, we took him to Laurie Ann LeGrand, a vet we had never met. She was sensational beyond measure. She explained everything -- that additional medication could slow but not fix his heart or lungs. She predicted that a heart attack would doom him perhaps as soon as three weeks from now. All of this was on top of wobbly arthritic legs and a worsening dementia.  So she made his passage absolutely peaceful, with tears welling in her own eyes.


Teddy came to us on the heels of our first Schip in 2002. He is the boy who taught us what Schips really are and led us to the total immersion we now have with the breed. He was quite wild when we got him and matured to a curious gentlemen. He willingly shared us with six other Schips during his tenure but never lost his status as Top Dog.


We will toast him with Champagne at sunset tonight.


More of Teddy’s story can be found on our website:



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