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This page is dedicated to the wonderful Schips who have graced our lives with their love, their energy, and their mischief, and who have now gone to the Rainbow Bridge. If you have a picture and a story of a special Schipperke (or Schip parent), please feel free to send it to us via our IN MEMORY Submission Form (click HERE). We appreciate the support of all those who love these rascals as we do. Many of these precious Schips have been honored by a Memorial donation to SchipperkeRescue.Net. If you would like to make a donation to honor one of these memorable fur children or another fur child you have known, please click on the button at the top of the page.
Schipperhaven’s Sassy (nee: Skippy) Born: Spring, 2010 Rescued: October 24, 2016 Rainbow Bridge: April 24, 2019

Sassy breathed her last today (April 24).  It’s important to note that she breathed her last with difficulty.  Both her heart and kidneys were failing.

She was diagnosed with a heart murmur in November of last year.  Worse by February, we took her to a cardiac specialist, who was guardedly optimistic.  But she began to show unnerving symptoms during the past month, most poignantly the loss of appetite and loss of energy.  When the symptoms got worse, we had our local vets try to alleviate them, but they were unsuccessful.  Back she went to Dr. Trina, her specialist.  Over several days in hospital, Trina tried to balance the degradation in both heart and kidneys. While there were brief signs of improvement, Sassy regressed today.  Dr. T. told us that superhuman efforts over a week might bring her around, but the prognosis was  slim and future very uncertain.  Together, we decided to relieve Sassy’s agony.  After spending a long period on Don’s lap with hugs, cuddles and whispers, she died in his arms.

Sassy was a one-human dog.  She clung to Don and was rarely more than 6 feet from him.  She slept on the “blankie” she brought with her at the foot of his recliner-bed.  She was fed in his office/bedroom.  If he left the premises, she waited, even for days, just inside the front door.  The two of them took daily walks; while she had to be leashed, it was only by community requirement.  She would never stray from his side.  She would rarely do her “business” in the dog park – she would rather roll in some “scented” lawn section and then instead wait for her walk.  While she proved that she could, she rarely used to doggy doors that led from our house to our fenced back yard.

Sassy was one-of-a-kind: a strong, solo-minded woman who knew what she wanted and lived for it during her all-too-short-life.  Loved by Dot, she is so embedded in Don’s heart and mind that her loss has affected him as much with renewal as with despair.

She has her own personal star, just across the Rainbow Bridge.
We at SRN must sadly announce the recent loss of the following sweethearts which were in our care ...
Jubal February 2019 SRN said "Farewell, little dude" to Jubal today, and sent him on his final journey to be with his original owner. Jubal came from the shelter in Winchester, Virginia, where he had been turned in as a "stray". We suspect that he had been the beloved pet of an elderly person, who either passed away or could no longer live at home, and that the family had decided that they didn't want to deal with a fat, pudgy, spoiled little dog who walked really slowly, wouldn't get up on the sofa and cuddle, and who had horrible breath. SRN took Jubal in on June 28, 2017 and he was fostered by Ellen Black and Bill Heney. Unhappily for Jubal, he quickly learned the meaning of the word "diet", and he eventually reduced his weight from 24 pounds down to a very svelte 16 pounds. Jubal was deaf, and may have lost his hearing at a very young age, as he was also mute and never uttered a single bark.
During his time in foster care, Jubal got to go traveling in the motor home and went to a number of dog shows where he made a lot of new friends. He got to go to Lowes and sat on Santa's lap two years in a row, and he got to ride in his chariot (well, it sort of looked like a shopping cart) all over the store to check out every department. He got to spend the coldest part of January 2019 in Florida, for which he was quite grateful. Jubal was a very "easy keeper", as his favorite activities each day were going outside to relieve himself, getting back inside to eat, and taking possession of two specific corners in the family room to catch 40+ winks.
He earned two royal titles during his time in foster care ... he was first dubbed the Duke of Demand, as he was quite adamant when he wanted something. In his last months, he was elevated to Prince of Privilege, as he got just about anything he wanted to eat. We remember him fondly and miss him seeing him in his usual corners. During his time in foster care, Jubal performed an invaluable job ... he taught Ellen and Bill how to take care of a really senior dog, how to deal with seizures, and how to get up at 5:30am every day, no matter how late Ellen stayed up the night before. God bless you, Jubal!
Shadoe Having been given only a 3-month life expectancy, precious Shadow lived 17 months of a very happy life. She will be missed.


A little over a year ago Bubba came from a Washington State shelter, where he had been listed as a stray.

A nice, big boy, he was estimated to be 13+ years of age.  According to him,


"Someone gave me a bad haircut, so I look a little funny!

"I see some and hear less, but my nose works great, and I can find my food bowl, which is all that matters.

"The doctor says I have some damaged discs and more is being looked at about that.  My blood work is pretty good for an old boy, but my longs look a littly iffy.  Not sure why just yet.  I have thickened intestinal walls so my foods will have to be catered to a sensitive tummy.

I am enjoying the company of foster brothers and sisters, but I don't really know how to play."


Sadly, we lost Bubba due to congestive heart failure.

“Joseph S. Blaner, 83. He was born June 17, 1934 in Elyria and was a 1953 graduate of Elyria High School. Joe received his teaching certificate from Kent State University and retired from the Lorain County Joint Vocational School, where he taught precision machining. Previously he was employed at Stanadyne, Ridge Tool, Bendix, General Industries and as a scuba diver for the Lorain County Sheriff's Department. Joe served eight years in the U.S. Naval Reserves and was a 50 year member of the Elyria Masonic Lodge #787 in Elyria. He enjoyed racing, building cars and adored his pets, most recently his beloved Sammy.”

 In Loving Memory Edward "Eddie" Golonka February 25, 1942 - February 15, 2018

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 Nothing would have made Eddie happier than to help save one of this special dogs. Eddie loved his schipperkes Buddy,Vivian and Kenny so very much.  They brought him so much happiness over the years.


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