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Lost & Found

This page is dedicated to Schipperkes that have managed to go walk-about, much to the dismay of their owners.  If you have or know of a Schipperke that is lost, we will post the information here in the event someone has found your missing loved one.  To do so, please fill out the form below and be sure to provide a photo if at all possible.  Postings will remain up for 3 months approximately.  If your Schip is found, please notify as quickly as possible




Remember, just because a dog has no collar or is found running loose, does not mean that the owner does not love or care for the dog properly. Schipperkes are notorious escape artists and love to chase small animals and investigate interesting smells. They have slipped collars, darted through legs, opened doors and windows, squeezed through the tiniest of holes, dug under or climbed solid and well-installed fences, moved concrete blocks and other amazing feats just out of their insatiable curiosity. Please don't assume their slaves don't want them back. There are many tears being shed for each of the dogs listed here.

FOUND - 8/12/2016

Fayetteville, AR

Female Schipperke found in Fayetteville, AR.  No collar.  If your girl is missing, please contact Megan Rozzana at

(479) 301-7895

or Email:

LOST 8/4/2016


Auburn Valley, WA

Shadow is a wonderful senior Schip about 10.5 years old.  He weighs between 10 and 15 lbs.

He is about 14 inches tall, greying face (eyes & mouth) and a little mid-back due to age.  He's missing his bottom front teeth.  There is permanent hair loss on hind legs due to severe allergy.

He was last seen in a lime green harness with ID tag.


Shadow is a very social and friendly boy who loves attention from anyone.  Loves to explore, sniff things, and chasing anything from birds to goats, but only in good fun.  He is freaked out by horses.  He loves his ears rubbed and being cuddled.  Prefers path or sidewalk to open field or meadow.


Shadow was lost from 55th Avenue South, Auburn, WAS 98001.  We discovered someone had tampered with our gate and he got out aroun 5:00 AM.


He was first sighted at Evergreen Heights Elementary School in Auburn West Hill.

Second sighting at Big Foot Java in Auburn Valley, cross streets 14th St. SE and A St. SE.

Third sighting was a vague message saying Auburn Way Starbucks, but matched description of Shadow perfectly.


If sighted, please contact SchipperkeRescue.Net at

(757) 926-4467.

Leave a detailed message as to where and when you saw a dog you think might be Shadow.


Please help us get him home!

Harley - Mohler, WA

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