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Before you request a posting, please understand, we can only accept postings for purebred Schipperkes.  As much as we would like to help all dogs, our resources do not stretch to handling mixes.  If you have a mix you would like to post, please contact a rescue group that posts on


 If the dog you wish to post is, to the best of your knowledge, a purebred Schipperke*, please fill out the form below completely. The more we know, the greater help we can be.  Also, please provide 3 photos if at all possible.  The form allows for 3 to be uploaded, but you can also send additional photos as JPG attachments (please make all photos under 100KB in size) to


PLEASE NOTE:  WE DO NOT PERMIT LISTINGS OF DOGS FOR SALE BY BREEDERS, BROKERS, OR INDIVIDUALS.  This listng is for Rescuers ONLY.  In order to list a dog, you must be a registered Rescuer or represent a Shelter or Animal Control.  If you are an individual wishing to place your personal pet, please see the page for Surrendering a Dog to Rescue.  The Rescuer you work with will be able to list the dog for you if needed.



Hints to help you fill out fields:


  • Description & Personality - please be as comprehensive as you can.  Potential foster and adopterive homes want to know about quirks, both positive and negative, habits, whether they are good with cats, other dogs, and small children, whether they bark at strangers, if they've had obedience training, and so on.  The more honest and open you are, the faster you will arouse interest from the right home and not waste time.

  • Size - indicate approximate weight and/or height to the top of the dog's back

  • Health Status - list date of last vaccinations and which ones, general health, medical needs, etc.

  • Contact method preference - be sure to provide the best method of contacting you and the necessary information to accomplish this, i.e. don't ask for phone calls and forget to provide a complete phone number.

  • Status - this is where you tell us whether this dog is Available for Adoption, Lost, or Found.

*All posting requests are subject to review.  Please allow up to 7 days for posting to be show on the site.


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