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What kind of Dogs need Rescuing?


Dogs who are without an owner or home for any reason, a dog in a pound or shelter, a dog that has been abused, or suffered neglect. Rescue obtains dogs who have been saved from imminent danger, who faced euthanasia by animal shelters, neglect and other forms of abuse. Others faced abandonment by their current owners, or maybe obtained as the result of "free to a good home" ads.


Some of these Pets may need a bit of training, but many are already housebroken and are well mannered. ALL are just looking for the opportunity to love someone, to have a family--- to live in a loving, secure and stable home.



What happens to most animals in shelters?


National shelter statistics show that typically only 25% of pets brought into shelters get adopted. Through no fault of their own, the majority will be put to death. The sheer numbers make no other outcome possible. This is the gruesome reality!




You would think that purebred dogs would be the first adopted, but that isn't true.  Purebreds have distinctive characteristics that many adopters may not be looking for.  This is especially true of Schipperkes.  They are brighter, more stubborn, and, therefore, often more "trouble" than mixed breeds.  But that is why we love them.



Why Breed Rescue?


Breed Rescuers know the good and bad qualities of their breeds, the health and nutritional requirements. They know their breed’s behavior, what training and care is required. They can advise when their breed may not be appropriate for a family. They foster, screen rescues for behavior and health issues, address those issues, and attempt to make the best of all possible matches with adopting families.



Why Do We Do What We Do?


Just take a look at the bottom of the page.  Every one of these wonderful furkids have found new forever homes through SchipperkeRescue.Net.  And they are just a few of the many.


Notice the faces.  Some are pert and young. Some are grizzled and much older.  And there are many in between.  Think about it.  Everyone one of them was saved from euthanasia.  And every one of them has given far more love in their forever homes than they receive.  What could be more fulfilling?  Except, maybe adopting them ourselves.  Oh, wait, most of us have.


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Great dogs for Good Homes

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