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Each of these dogs have a special need that may affect their ability to be adopted.  As you know, if you have read a little about us, SRN will provide the best veterinary care we can afford for each dog.  However, some dogs require extraordinary care for such things as heartworm disease, necessary surgery, special medications, etc.


 Other special needs may be such things as age, individual behavioral issues or a lack of human or other dog socialization.  This is especially common when SRN takes in rescues from puppy mills or animal hoarding cases, etc.  These dogs usually need long-term foster care, which can involve training and/or behavior modification in addition to any extra medical care.


 In both cases, there is no way SRN can recoup expenses with a reasonable adoption fee.  That leaves us with a choice - not accepting the dog or getting additional help from you to cover these costs so that any dog with a potential of quality of life can be cared for.


 In some cases these dogs need adopters with extra patience; in others, adopters willing to take on long-term issues.


 Below you will see those dogs SchipperkeRescue.Net, Inc. currently has in this category and their stories.  If you think you are one of those very special people who are willing to adopt one of these dogs, be a long-term foster home, or even just help sponsor the care of a particular dog, please click on the Heart button and be sure to indicate which dog in the "Instructions to Seller" box at checkout.


 Your generosity of spirit will help us take care of all the dogs that need us.

Or, as always, you may send your check made payable to SRN to:


Mr. William Heney


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New York

11/6/2018   It looks like SRN has gained another permanent foster.

Vet bill today was $1002.00 but Cowboy is now on his way to feeling much better. He lost 9 infected teeth and his blood sugar is stabilized. Fasting glucose was 473.

We will continue to provide the best possible care for this precious little boy.


If you would like to help care for Cowboy, just click on the Pink Heart above and put Cowboy's name in the space provided. And SRN thanks you on his behalf!




11/5/2018 Cowboys has been diagnosed as Diabetic.

Despite the fact this little boy was lost or dumped, he is blind, soft on hearing and now diabetic, he is also a very sweet little boy that just isn't going to let the world change him.

We will be working to transport Cowboy to our experienced diabetic foster home.




10/30/2018 His name is "Cowboy" He is 10 years old and blind.

Cowboy is scheduled for a dental next week. He has grade 3/4 dental disease, with some loose teeth. Dental estimate is $654.35 to $804.35

Over all he is in good shape and is one very happy, confident little boy that gets along well with other dogs and cats. Cowboy also walks well on a leash.

His blindness is due to advanced, mature cataracts and he would actually do best NOT risking surgery. He doesn't care that he is blind, he is wide open happy and well adjusted.




SAFE IN FOSTER CARE - Arrangements are being made to get this sweet boy vetted and find out why he is blind.




Special needs foster or foster to adopt home needed for blind boy.

This boy, thought to be around 10 years old, is blind. Found as a stray and sitting in a shelter.

No owner came to claim him. SRN has arranged for this boy to be pulled and placed in temporary foster care. If you have room in your heart and your home for a blind young senior, please email




Happy Thoughts, Prayers and Donations needed for little "Toy"

(See below for original posting)



7/7/2018:  DIAGNOSIS IS IN.  Toy is diagnosed with lymphangiectasia.

Here is a link with information, if anyone wants to understand the details of this disease.…/con…/endocrine/c_dg_lymphangiectasia



7/3/2018 Tummy is still a bit upset with diarrhea and she is sore, but she is up and moving about better. More updates later.



6/30/2018 It's been a tough 24 hours for Toy, but she is on her way to her foster home to recover from her surgery and wait for her biopsy reports. We will update everyone as soon as we have the reports and know what is going on in her small intestine. We want to thank everyone that is sending Toy Happy thoughts, prayers and donations. It is your compassion and generosity that make it possible for SRN to be there when uncertain special needs arise. Thank you.



6/29/2018 Toy is resting after her emergency surgery. Her surgeon was able to remove her uterus and ovaries successfully . There is a serious concern. It was found that about 80% of her small intestine appears "Abnormal" Biopsy's have been done. We won't know what "abnormal" means until we get the results.


Before Toy took ill earlier today, she seemed to be a normal, happy little girl. It is our goal to provide her the best of care, for as long as she can have a happy life, regardless of her biopsy results.


Please continue to offer happy thoughts and prayers for Toy, while we find out what her needs are and work to give her a longer life of top quality and happiness. Your donations are greatly appreciated.



6/29/2018 Remember little "Toy" ? This little girl is facing a serious emergency. This morning she would not eat, was ill and lethargic. Her foster mom, rushed her to the vet and little Toy is now about to enter emergency surgery. Toy was surrendered with serious dental needs and was reported as spayed. We addressed her basic medical and dental needs first. Sadly, Toy has developed Pyometra and has "something" showing up on an ultrasound of her intestine. Surgery is being performed to remove the diseased uterus and address the "something" in her intestine. Her first vet bill today was $900.71 and we just paid a deposit of $3600.00 for her emergency surgery. Please send happy thoughts and prayers for Toy and also please consider a tax deductible donation to help us support her needs and the needs of others in serious need of help.


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