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6/18/2016  UPDATE

6/17/2016:  Gabby had her intake medical evaluation and the following was found:

Age estimate is 7 years.  She has a scar on her back, which the vet believes to be some sort or burn scar.  There are a few other marks scattered on her upper body.  Gabby is in need of a dental due to moderate gum disease.  Her nails were grossly overgrown.  She was reported to us as being blind, but with medical evaluation it is now know that Gabby has a condition known as iris atrophy.


Gabby will return to the vet for her dental surgery mid week.

North Florida

Gabby - Shelter release - stray- Shows little response to

light stimulation -has no pupil dilation - severe dental disease.  Only 9 years of age.

6/18/2016 UPDATE

These two lovely ladies came as a bonded pair, abandoned by their owner and are being fostered by Lynn Brown of Angelsgate in California.

Please, won't you help?

6-17-2016:  Molly and Millie are out of the hospital. They are missing a bunch of teeth now, spayed and UTD on medical care. They will foster for a short term with Lynn Brown until ready to move to a foster home with Gina, where they can stay, if need be throughout their last days. These girls need some social trust and care, they are in a neglected state, but they are safe and being properly cared for now.

Molly -Female - senior - infected anal glands - dental disease - Abandoned old girl came in with

her friend/sister She is being transported to a vet for evaluation and care.

Millie-Female - senior -12+ severe dental disease- infected anal glands.  Millie is also bloated.  Abandoned old girl came in with her friend/sister . She is being transported to a vet for evaluation and care.

6/18/2016 UPDATE

6/17/2016:  Please share good thoughts and prayers for our girl Quinn. This sweet neglected girl spent the day at the clinic for testing. She badly needs a dental and a spay but was diagnosed overweight, "cushnoid" appearance with excessive drinking, thinning hair, dry scaly scalp, hyper pigmentation. tense and slightly enlarged liver, with initial high liver enzymes. Quinn also has an UTI which is being treated with antibiotics.

She was unable to be cleared for her needed surgeries until we find out what is going on and start treatment. She may be high risk for surgery. We will update once all testing results are in. She is back home with her foster mom Michelle awaiting the next step of her recovery.

Quinn is expected to need a lot of medical care.

This poor girl was found wondering around a park.  Her owner was located, but did not want her back.  She was very frightened in the shelter and said to be around 10 yrs old.

Quinn's mouth does not look good, and she has receding gums.  She is overweight, drinking excessively, and showed a possibility of tick disease on a strip test at the shelter.  

Sadly, Quinn also appears to be an over bred dog with some damage from the over breeding.

All these issues and more are being addressed at a vet clinic this week.

If you would like to be a part of giving Quinn the care and attention she so very much deserves, please consider a tax deductible donation toward her medical care.

As always kind thoughts. Hope and prayers are most welcome.


“Crunch” He is estimated at 4 to 6 years of age.  He was found as stray and no one came to claim him.


Crunch is being transport to a medical care foster home on Saturday, June 11, 2016.


Crunch is a nice boy that gets along with other dogs, but sadly is Heart worm positive.

He is also currently on antibiotics for an eye infection and kennel cough.


Crunch will require 6 to 7 months of a treatment course for his Heart worm condition.


If you would like to support the rescue and restoration of Crunch’s health, please consider a donation to his medical care.  Be sure to put Crunch's name in the box at check-out.


As always, good thoughts and prayers are welcome and appreciated.



Orlando, FL

 "Tootsie"  has already trained her foster mom to cater to her every need.


 It took her 24 hours.


Tootsie was abandoned in Miami, FL and was held in a kind specialty vet clinic for the time allotted for her owners to look for her.  Now she is happily ensconced in a wonderful foster home.


Tootsie met her new doctor (Dr. Peters) today.  Dr. Peters says Tootsie is the sweetest little girl.  Tootsie had a lot of blood work and tests done.  She has a mild heart murmur that may be caused by severe dental disease. She is now on antibiotics due to being covered in ticks when first found and to help with her severe dental disease and recessed gums. 


Tootsie will have a complete dental cleaning and all bad teeth removed, as well as recessed gums tended to on Friday, June 17.


Totals vet totals today were $448.59   Dental estimate is $425.00 plus additional cost for each removed tooth.  We are told to expect there may be many teeth that will need to be removed.


If you would like to be a part of the rescue and restore of Tootsie, please consider a tax deductible donation and of course, send her all the good thoughts and prayers you can muster.


Thank you for your support of these special little lives.

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