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Surrendering a Family Pet

Having to give up a beloved family pet for any reason is always difficult.  There are many reasons this necessity can occur:


  • A change in family circumstance such as death or divorce that makes it impossible to care for a pet properly.

  • Financial hardship that makes proper care of a beloved pet impossible.

  • A necessary move to a place where pets are not permitted

  • A behavioral problem that you are not able or equipped to solve and many other reasons.

  • You may simply have found a stray that needs a home.


Whatever the reason, we at SchipperkeRescue.Net want you to know that we will do our best to find a loving forever home for him or her.


On the "How to Give One Up" page, you will find all the information SRN will require of you in order for us to take your dog into our Rescue, but there may be a few things you might want to know before you begin:


  • If there isn't a Rescuer in your area, SRN will try to facilitate a direct adoption.
    • What this means is that as soon as there is someone reasonably close to your area who is looking to adopt will be given your dog's information and, if they are interested, will be given your contact information to allow you to work directly with the potential adopter.
    • You will also be given whatever information SRN has on the potential adopter, but it will be up to you to research and confirm that information, e.g. check vet and personal references, do home checks, etc.
    • In such cases, SRN will then bow out of the middle and let the entire process go ahead strictly between you and the potential adopter with no interference or obligation on the part of SRN.
    • However, we do recommend that you actually do the research on the potential adopter that SRN would do in addition to meeting the potential adopter.

  • If a dog is taken into SRN's custody, not only must you fill out the Bailment Agreement thoroughly (and the Ownership Transfer Agreement , as directed), but you must understand that SRN only takes custody - not ownership - of your dog.  The liability remains with you until an adopter takes ownership.  This means:
    • Should your dog have a health issue which should have been known prior to your surrendering it that you did not reveal in the Bailment Agreement, you could be responsible for veterinary expenses for treating the dog.  (This refers to issues that would have been noted by a reputable vet within a year prior to surrender.)
    • Similarly, should your dog have a bite history you do not mention in the Bailment Agreement, all expenses related to any attempt to correct the problem or, if necessary, euthanasia will be your responsibility.  As stated here on the website and on the Bailment Agreement, SchipperkeRescue.Net, Inc. CANNOT accept a dog with a bite history.  For clarification, "bite" refers to breaking the skin, aggressive behavior included with the bite, and a clear intention to bite.
    • With regards to the bite history, not only with the dog's veterinary expenses be your responsibility, but also any hospital or doctor expenses incurred by SRN volunteers.  In addition, should there be any legal damages arising from such a bite, they will be yours as well.
    • Therefore, trying to hide information by not filling out the Bailment Agreement completely and honestly, will not protect you in any way.  In fact it would open you up to a wide variety of both civil and criminal charges.  Thus it is in YOUR BEST INTEREST to provide complete and accurate information.

  • Here is what happens once SRN takes custody of your dog:
    • First, your dog will go to the vet to confirm whatever information you have provided.  If treatment is needed for any issue, including flea or tick problems, it will be given along with standard tests as well as a heartworm test.
    • Your dog will, then. go into a foster home where he/she will live with the family in the home until such time as the dog is adopted.
    • While in the foster home, your dog will live just as if it were the Foster's own dog.  There is no kenneling of the dog, unless quarantine is required, and, then, only as long as needed to protect other dogs in the home.
    • Your dog will be observed and evaluated to help SRN match your dog to one of our group of prospective adopters.
    • Your dog will also be posted on this website as well as our FaceBook page to arouse interest in your pup and increase the pool of potential adopters in order to provide the best possible match.
    • During this period you will be welcome to contact the Foster home periodically to check on your dog.
    • Once a match is found, the prospective adopter will be invited to meet the dog to see if they bond.  They may meet several times or, occasionally, just the once.
    • If/when a bond is formed, the dog will be adopted on probation - for both dog and adopter.  SRN wants to make sure the match is a real one.  The probationary period is from 30 to 60 days.
    • At any time during that period the adopter is sure the bond is there and growing, ownership is transferred from you to the adopter and you can rest assured that your dog has a new and happy forever home.


Great dogs for Good Homes

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