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Foster a Senior Rescued Schipperke Older Schipperkes need love, too. The one largest group we see coming into rescue is Schipperkes that are ten years and older, and many of them have treatable health issues. As you know, Schips can live 12 to 20 years, even with those health issues. Many lose their homes at an advanced age due to the passing/illness of their owners, or because their family does not want to dedicate the time or money required to care for them. SRN has several foster homes that open their hearts to senior dogs and provide the best years of the dog’s remaining lifespan. When their beloved foster crosses the Rainbow Bridge, they are ready to open their hearts to another needy dog as a way to transfer the love and get through the grieving period. Life is composed of a continuous cycle of endings and beginnings … with each ending, there is the possibility for a new beginning for a desperate little senior Schipperke. Perhaps, you might consider fostering, or even adopting, one of the wonderful, lovable oldsters to assure that he/she finds heaven-on-earth during their final years.