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Schipperke Adoption and Foster Care SRN is dedicated to the worthy little Schipperkes who come into our foster care program, and we make every effort to find the right home for each dog. Just as each family and their needs are unique, so is each dog in foster care. We try to match the needs of the dog with the needs and composition of the family, whether the situation involves permanent adoption, temporary & long-term foster care, or foster- to-adopt. This can be a lengthy process, as the needs of available dogs vary on a regular basis, depending on recent intakes. Fortunately for the breed, there is not an overabundance of Schipperkes in rescue. From the viewpoint of a potential adopter, it means that you may have to be patient until the right dog comes along. The individuals involved in rescue with whom you connect through this site are all experienced Schipperke people. SRN volunteers cover the gamut of the dog world, including breeders, fanciers, and dog show exhibitors in Conformation and Performance events … all of our volunteers are committed to finding the right forever home for every Schipperke who comes into rescue. Adoption Process Complete the Adoption Application Form. Click on the link to the left and complete the application form. Save the completed form to your computer. Click on the link in the form to e-mail the form to SRN. When your e-mail interface appears, you MUST ATTACH your completed form to the e-mail, and then SEND the message. Telephone interview with SRN Rescue Coordinator Provide personal references and name of current veterinarian Remain patient while we match the correct Schipperke to you Please Note: The process of matching a dog to your family is based on numerous factors of compatibility. In some instances, we may find a dog for you rather quickly. In other cases, it may take several months or more to find the right dog for your situation. Our Rescue Coordinator will work with you and will keep you informed. The key to expediting this process is submission of the SRN Adoption Application form as soon as you decide you are interested in getting a Schipperke through SRN. We ask that you remain patient during this process. Foster Care Providers The process for receiving approval as an SRN foster care provider is similar to the adoption process. You may select to serve as either a short-termfoster home for dogs that will eventually leave and go to their permanent home, or a permanent foster home for special needs dogs. Some of our foster care providers take in special needs dogs, such as seniors, and provide for the dog as a permanent foster resident in their home for the remainder of the dog’s life. You may decide to serve as a foster-to-adopt home when you grow attached and decide that the dog is a good permanent match for your home and family. Becoming an SRN foster care provider begins with the same Application Form as we use for regular adoptions.
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No matter what happens in your household or to you, no matter what changes occur that might force you to give up your SRN Schipperke, your beloved companion will always have a caring and supportive home with an SRN Foster. That's in the Adoption Contract, and that is our pledge to you and to every dog that comes into foster care with us. SRN provides you and your Schipperke with a support network of friends, who are knowledgeable Schipperke people. They are always willing to answer questions and provide suggestions to deal with training or medical issues, and keep you informed about what is happening within the Schipperke community in your general area. The SRN Pledge to Our Adopting Families SRN Guarantee Foster a Senior Adoption Process