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SchipperkeRescue.Net, Inc. is a 501()(3) charity headquartered in Lancaster, PA copyright ©2006-2020 by SchipperkeRescue.Net, Inc. All rights reserved Join us on Facebook! Surrender / Give Up Your Schipperke  I must find a new home for my Schipperke. Can you help me?  Thank you for contacting SchipperkeRescue.Net (SRN) for assistance with your dog! SRN is totally dedicated to the Schipperke breed, and we are available to assist in re-homing dogs, regardless of the situation under which the owner has to give them up.   SRN understands that this may be a very difficult situation for you, and we do not judge anyone who contacts us to surrender their Schipperke. We are happy to be available to assist you and to consider your dog for placement in one of our foster homes.   When SRN accepts a Schipperke into our rescue program, it is for the lifetime of the dog. Regardless of how long it may take to place the dog in a new home, SRN assures the safety and welfare of that dog.  Click on each box below for more information on how to surrender your Schipperke to SRN foster care.
Is your dog a purebred Schipperke or a Schipperke-Mix?
Gather records of your dog’s origin, medical care, & other info
Documents to submit regarding  dog’s personality & ownership transfer to SRN
Contact the SRN Rescue Coordinator
What SRN needs from you
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The SRN pledge to you and to your Schipperke
No matter what the situation that causes you to give up your Schipperke, your beloved companion will always have a caring and supportive home with an SRN Foster. That's in the Ownership Transfer Agreement, and that is our pledge to you and to every dog that comes into foster care with SRN. SRN provides a lifetime commitment to every Schipperke