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Adoption & Foster Care Process Adopting a rescued Schipperke is an iterative process rather than an immediate event. SRN takes dogs into foster care all the time, however, there is no consistency in the number, location, age, or gender of those dogs. As each dog has a unique personality and specific needs, we try to find the ideal family for each one. We request your patience as you work with SRN or another rescue organization, as there is no one-size-fits-all dog and there is no one-size-fits all family. Click on each box for more information.
Reputable Rescue Organization  1 STEP
Application Form  2 STEP
Interview & Home Check  3 STEP
Pre-Approval 4 STEP
Search for the Ideal Dog 5 STEP
Meet Face-to-Face with the Dog 6 STEP
Bond & Adopt 7 STEP
Keep in Touch 8 STEP
Please remember … Neither SchipperkeRescue.Net nor the individual rescuer or foster with whom you work can promise to find you a Schipperke to adopt. SRN makes a concerted effort to find the right dog for each family we work with.  SRN does as much as we can to fully assess the temperament, physical & medical condition, and overall personality of each dog in foster care. However, SRN cannot fully guarantee the condition or temperament of any dog considered or adopted.  SRN provides you with all the  information we have about each dog we place.