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This past year - those who crossed the rainbow bridge.
“Mr. Darcy”. After the character in ‘Pride and Prejudice’. Sheradin Proud Spirit, GCH, Crossed the rainbow bridge to rejoin Ellen Black on 26 February 2022 at the age of 14 years, 2 days. His passing was peaceful. His last years were devoted to governing the antics of Sophie and Phoenix a responsibility he relished.
“Phoenix”. Kurakuma Risen From The Fire. Grand Champion Bronze met Ellen at the Rainbow bridge this Sunday 24 April 2022 about 0530 a month shy of age 12. Phoenix is now romping carefree with Mr. Darcy and Ellen Black.
“Odie”. Odie was a sweetheart and a quiet sentinel who watched over my dad and then me, when dad could no longer care for him. He passed at 13 from complications of liver disease, and I miss his incredibly sweet face and loving nature. Mary Beth Nielsen
If you want to have a memorial post for your beloved Schip who passed in 2022, email a brief commentary and, if you have it, a picture to the SRN webmaster: cameo940@fastmail.net
“Schip-Dude”. Our Beloved Hero, left us on 31 January, 2022. Rescued broken in Spring 2010 from a disastrous home life in MO, his beautiful temperament earned him major rehab. Whether chasing tennis balls or romping with his companions on his three legs, he was one of the happiest dogs of our history. He was our third longest companion and oldest Schip. Don & Dot Ferris
From facebook: “Miquel”, missing for three weeks was found dead, hit by a car. The grief of the family must be enormous. Please be aware of your fur baby when you open a door. Schips, in particular, are known for bolting as they are so very, very, curious. For the owner of Miquel, the entire community of those who have a dog family member, particularly those who have a Schip, all share your grief.