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Those who have crossed the rainbow bridge.
For a memorial post for your beloved Schip, email a brief commentary, preferable with a picture, to the SRN webmaster: Email address will be posted later. PLEASE NOTE IN THE SUBJECT THAT THIS IS FOR A MEMORIAL POSTING
“Schip-Dude”. Our Beloved Hero, left us on 31 January, 2022. Rescued broken in Spring 2010 from a disastrous home life in MO, his beautiful temperament earned him major rehab. Whether chasing tennis balls or romping with his companions on his three legs, he was one of the happiest dogs of our history. He was our third longest companion and oldest Schip. Don & Dot Ferris
From facebook: “Miquel”, missing for three weeks was found dead, hit by a car. The grief of the family must be enormous. Please be aware of your fur baby when you open a door. Schips, in particular, are known for bolting as they are so very, very, curious. For the owner of Miquel, the entire community of those who have a dog family member, particularly those who have a Schip, all share your grief.
SRN Bear Parker 2006-2023 In 2022, two bonded seniors: Bear-16 and Raven-18 were surrendered to SRN and soon placed in foster care. SRN's dedication to the well- being of Bear and Raven made it possible for these two Schipperke seniors to remain together, happily and healthy, for as long as possible. Schipperke Bear was always close by, never out of sight. He schipper- vised everything and watched over his sister Schipp Raven. He had to inspect the laundry, dishwasher, and every basket, box and bag in reach. He was sweet, curious, playful and silly. He was truly the ‘Goodest Boy’! At 17 Bear succumbed to old age in March 2023 having had the best year of his life. Bear is survived by SRN Schipperke Raven. Love you Bear.
Blackpearl needed a companion after losing her Buddy Maxie , been together since she was a pup. It was fate that I found Marco Polo, who became BEAR, a rescue that came up from Spartanburg. It was a 3 hr drive to the Mohawk Humane Society in Menard, NY and that was it - Blackpearl got along with Bear as he joined our family. All the memories of their shenanigans, sweet & unconditional love with be with me forever. Blackpearl passed at age 15 on 2/16/20. Bear followed her across the rainbow bridge when he was 16 1/2 on 2/24/23. Bear (CH Nanhall’s Marco Polo) left, Blackpearl Right]
Joey (2010-2023) I miss my boy. He will always be the heart of my heart. Leslie C.