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Special Needs Schipperke
Name: Jacko Age: Senior Latest update: 05-12-2023 SRN supported
Current Status: An older dog that needs your help. Somewhat over 8 years old, he has Auto Immune Hemolytic Anemia. He had a rough journey after his original owner died to get to his current forever home. His medical situation results in high vet expenses. SRN has stepped up to help … and we need your help to do that. Jacko could have died and his condition remains life threatening. He needs your help as do many other dogs who have no owners, or owners who are facing their own hard times. We don't want to put Jacko down because we can't afford the vet care he needs. His life threatening condition has stabilized somewhat, and he needs weekly blood draws, and lots of Holistic treatment the owner is paying for including special diet, so he can continue to be the very special happy dog he finally is. Please help him get the treatment he needs. The treatments are helping him to remain stable and enjoy life.
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